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The City of Southfield is home to Michigan's FIRST baseball field for children with any physical or cognitive disability, offering the true Major League experience. Easterseals Miracle League of Michigan is making dreams come true for some very special kids - Michigan's First, and Still the Best, Adaptive Baseball Field - est. 2004

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buy soma no shipped codBy Andrew Edgar, Feature Blogger

SOUTHFIELD – Sorry everybody for the delay. The computer crashed on me shortly after the game and I haven’t been able to gain access to the stats till just recently. Now without further ado, here is the recap between the visiting Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox in their 1 game playoff for a chance to go to the Miracle League World Series championship game.

Both teams came out determined to prove they were the better team. It started immediately with powerful swings and excellent base running. It appeared as though the defense for both teams couldn’t produce an out to save themselves with run after run coming in.

It began with an eleven run top of the 1st inning by the Detroit Tigers. After Nick Cross, Austen Wilcox and Nathan Raney all hit singles (with an RBI by Raney) to bring newcomer Hailey Bocock up to the plate. On the very first pitch received, she blasted the ball to deep left for a three run HR to put the Tigers up 4-0. They continued to pour it on with everyone on their roster hitting a single. The only outs recorded were on fielder’s choice outs at 2nd and 3rd bases. Jeff Whitfield, Harrison Lilly, Ian Smith, Ian Edgar all recorded singles while Santiago Rueda, Andrew Meeker and Blake Jackson brought in 1 RBI a piece. The Tigers were able to make it halfway through the lineup a second time, before finally the White Sox produced the third out of the inning.

In what would be an eleven run deficit to begin the bottom of the 1st inning, the White Sox came out with great determination and showed this would be a close game in the end. All of their batters stepped up and produced a plethora of runs. The White Sox went through their 10 man lineup twice and then another three batters before finally ending the inning. The biggest contributor of the 1st inning was Jacob Collard who was 2 for 2 with a 2 run HR that sailed out of the park and another 3 run HR crushing the ball out to mid field. Brian Cottrell also hit a three run homer to bring them even closer to the Tigers. With those three home runs, they had a combined 8 runs. Other batters including Caleb Derouin, Devin Morrison, Luke Tyrell, Ezekiel Ostroski, Drew “Danger” Frazier, Daniel Ammon, Ethan Kiefer and Dale Edwards made solid contributions hitting a few singles, ground rule doubles and bringing in several more runs to cap off a 55min first inning. Entering the 2nd inning, the White Sox had come back to lead 17-11!

The Tigers did not let this get to them. They could have easily sulked letting the White Sox score 17 runs to now trail by 6. Fortunately, they took this deficit and turned it into some serious motivation. The Tigers again were able to open the flood gates, scoring 19 runs in the top half. Bocock again hit a three run shot that easily cleared the fences. The rest contributed with several RBI singles and doubles. With the 19 run inning, they were up by 13, 30-17.

Now, with the White Sox back up to back, many fans thought they would see another offensive onslaught to bring the White Sox within a couple of runs or give them the lead. However, this is where the Tigers would finally play some quality defense and for the most part shut their opponents down. After Drew Frazier hit a two run shot as the third batter of the inning, the Tigers were able to get quick outs at first and second bases to end the inning.

In the top of the 3rd inning, the Tigers led 30-19 and hoped to increase the lead further to provide more cushion. The first ever Grand Slam was hit by no other than Hailey Bocock. The Tigers successfully brought in another four runs to go up 38-19 with three outs standing between them and the World Series.

In the bottom half of the third inning, the White Sox fans cheered their team on hoping for an epic comeback. They would need twenty runs to win it all. It would require going through the lineup multiple times and would require smart batting and base running from all players. Cottrell would lead off the inning with a stand up double. With the runner in scoring position, Caleb Derouin stepped up to the plate. He hit a solid ball, but unfortunately got under it a little too much. Austen Wilcox was able to track the ball and made an outstanding catch to get the first out of the game.

Next, Morrison would make a clutch hit that just got by the defense, scoring their first run of the inning. Tyrell hit a single himself and then Jacob Collard destroyed a ball to provide three more runs on a deep homer. This would give the White Sox, four runs with one out in the bottom of the third. Fans were cheering, the announcer booth was rocking and the players felt like they may have a chance with such an incredible start.

Ezekiel Ostroski would be the next batter up, but hit a line drive toward second base where Wilcox scooped and threw it to first for the second out of the inning. Unfortunately for the White Sox, they ran out of gas. After two straight singles, they struck out to end the game and their dream at Miracle League World Series champs. The Tigers jumped for joy after a tough victory and will get some rest before they take on a high-powered offense in the Seattle Mariners.

Co-MVP’s awarded to Hailey Bocock and Jacob Collard who both had multi home-run games and were by far the greatest asset to their team for that particular game. They should both be proud of their batting skills.

So, we have the Detroit Tigers vs the Seattle Mariners, Saturday September 22nd at 4:30PM to determine who will be crowned the 1st ever Miracle League of Michigan World Series Champions. All teams are expected to participate as trophies and medals will be handed out for all players who participated. We encourage all people to come out who have been following this blog, volunteering, watching these incredible athletes play and any media who wishes to report on the game.

We’ll have one final blog recap for the Miracle League season shortly after the game ends. Stay tuned!

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