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The City of Southfield is home to Michigan's FIRST baseball field for children with any physical or cognitive disability, offering the true Major League experience. Easterseals Miracle League of Michigan is making dreams come true for some very special kids - Michigan's First, and Still the Best, Adaptive Baseball Field - est. 2004

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buy soma no shipped codBy Andrew Edgar, Feature Blogger

In the opening weekend of the competitive league for the Miracle League of Michigan, the Seattle Mariners took on the visiting White Sox. It was a great day for Mariner’s fans as the Mariners opened up the game early and made sure to put the game out of reach. While the White Sox did not record the victory, they have many positives to take out of this game and I’m sure their coaches will get them ready for next week when they have their home opener against the 1-0 World Series Champion, Detroit Tigers.

In the top of the first inning, the Chicago White Sox were able to record two runs. They started by hitting multiple singles to load the bases with Brenton Dill coming to the plate. Brian Cottrell, Devin Morrison and Zach Francis were the batters who stood on their respective bases when Dill was batting. Dill came up huge with an RBI and Caleb Derouin, the very next batter, also hit an RBI single to make the game 2-0. However, the runs would dry up there as a strike out occurred to start the inning followed by great defensive forces at second base by the Mariners.

The teams then changed sides and Christian Dean for the Mariners lead off the bottom of the inning. He hit a solid single that was able to get past the infield. Next, Jacob Collard came to bat. Even when struggling to find the ball, Collard continued to foul off the ball getting several extra pitches on his final pitch due to the tipping. Finally, Collard caught the ball and beautifully drove it out of the park to the cheer of Mariner’s fans and teammates. The Mariners followed that effort with a slew of singles that would bring home Brett Hall for a third run on Nick Kilander’s RBI single. But the White Sox would put up a good effort following those runs. There was an incredible tag just past third when the third baseman tagged Jacob Horton as he tried to make it from second base to home. The White Sox would also have a couple of forces at second base to end the inning and keep the game in reach, down 3-2.

This is where the turn of the ball game occurred. The Mariners led by Christian Dean’s stellar defense was able to keep the White Sox in check for most of the inning. Drew Frazier started with a powerful single that got to the outfield. After; however, it looked as if the White Sox were in trouble. Mason Kaiser and Erika Zelmon were both caught running to first base by Dean who quickly scooped up the ball. With Frazier sitting at third and in scoring position, John Ciesinski brought him home with an RBI single. But after another single by DJ Turner, the White Sox would strike out once more to end the inning with one run earned.

Andrew Meeker, dancer extraordinaire, started the inning with a nicely hit single. As you can see from the video, Meeker was quite excited. After an unfortunate strike out for the Mariners, we got back to the top of the order where Dean hit a ground rule double to put both Meeker and him in scoring position with Collard coming up to the plate yet again. And just as he had done one inning earlier, he launched the ball waaaaaaaayyyyy out of the ball park for a three run shot, putting his team back in the lead at 6-3. Next up, were the Miracle League Mariner’s version of the Detroit Tigers three and four hitters, Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder: Brett Hall and Jacob Horton. Hall blasted a line drive past the second baseman for a single followed by Horton who rocketed the ball for a two run homer to force a mercy for the inning.

Starting the third inning, the White Sox were determined to fight back and make this a close game going into the final inning. They started off well with a solo home run by Brian Cottrell to bring them within four runs. They would then go on a tear knocking off three singles to load the bases for Caleb Derouin. With the bases loaded, Derouin was able to bring in an RBI on a sacrifice ground ball that was thrown to first. With two outs and players on second and third base, Luke Tyrell hit a ball nicely toward third base. Unfortunately for the White Sox, Matt Heslop made a great play on the ball, scooping it up and tagging the player at third base for the final out of the inning.

With the Mariners holding an 8-5 lead heading into the bottom of the third inning, the Mariners went on a tear by working as a team to provide single after single and bring in runs. Almost the entire lineup contributed with singles by Heslop, Kilander, Dale Edwards, Alex Marsh, Meeker, William Pointkowski, Dean, Hall and Horton. They would again force the mercy going up 13-5 for the top of the fourth, needing only three outs to get their first win of the season.

And for all those reading that don’t remember or are new to the Miracle League, in the top of the fourth inning, if the team batting is down by more than 5 runs, we allow the mercy rule to be lifted so the team has a chance to tie the game. This allows the game to be competitive and does not make the fourth inning meaningless. Therefore, if the White Sox were able to pull off an incredible comeback by scoring 8 runs, we would go to the bottom of the fourth with the Mariners given a chance to break the tie for the win.

And the White Sox would fight valiantly to come back, but it just wasn’t their day. Drew Frazier began the fourth with a solo home run of his own which easily cleared the fences (sorry Drew for missing your home run with the camera. I’ll get you next time, but excellent batting!). Mason Kaiser and John Ciesinski would also hit singles, but after that, the bats went dead. The White Sox had back to back strike outs followed by a play by Christian Dean who made the force at second base to seal the first victory of the season for the Seattle Mariners winning over the Chicago White Sox 13 – 6.

The Mariners seemed to leave off just where they had started and while the White Sox had some struggles, you could see many of the players had great improvement from last year and have a lot to be proud about. They will look forward to their next contest against the Mariners looking for nothing more than to hand out a little retribution. Till next time folks…

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