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The City of Southfield is home to Michigan's FIRST baseball field for children with any physical or cognitive disability, offering the true Major League experience. Easterseals Miracle League of Michigan is making dreams come true for some very special kids - Michigan's First, and Still the Best, Adaptive Baseball Field - est. 2004

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Welcome everyone to the fourth week of competitive action at the Miracle League of Michigan. The mighty hot Detroit Tigers came to visit the winless Los Angeles Dodgers in a game that many thought could go either way despite each team’s record. With that in mind, let’s get you to some of the highlights.

The Tigers Hailey Bocock continues to put on a performance in the four spot. She hit yet another grand slam to provide a 4-0 lead going into the bottom of the first inning. She brought in the runners Nate Rainey, Austen Wilcox and Ian Smith who all hit singles. But by far one of the most incredible plays we have seen from an outfielder, if not the best, was Garret Winfrey’s catch on a deep pop up from Blake Jackson. That might just get him on Miraclecenter’s Top 10 list! (Yes people, a highlight reel is in the works!).

It would not be a game that got out of control as the Dodgers were able to respond with several runs of their own. Tanner Roland went deep twice (one in this inning and then again in the third) to provide some much needed runs. Mike Samueloff and Amanda Garland both came in on that home run after hitting singles. But the Dodgers were unable to capitalize and take the lead going into the second.

Wilcox made an outstanding play that created quite the controversy. He caught the ball on Pengally’s line drive and then tagged Samueloff, who was going to second base. However, he lost control of the ball during the tag, which would have made Samueloff safe. The call on the field was the initial out, but that Samueloff was safe as second. While this call did not come back to bite the Tigers, it definitely changed part of the game as there was an error on the call. With Wilcox catching the ball in air, Samueloff should have touched first base before heading off to second. Therefore, when Wilcox retrieved the ball and tagged Samueloff at second base, the player should have been out and it should have been ruled a double play. We apologize for the missed call, but appreciate the input from fans, parents and coaches with trying to address these situations as they occur.

Now back to the game… As we headed into the second, the Tigers looked to open the flood gates again as they piled on the runs. Forcing a mercy along with some excellent defense in the bottom half, the tigers held a three run league up 9 – 6 entering the top of the third. But with almost all momentum on their side, the Los Angeles Dodgers dug in and played some unbelievable defense forcing three quick outs and holding the Tigers to one run.

And just like that, momentum turned. The Tigers didn’t know what hit them. Suddenly, the Dodgers looked to be in control and hoped to mercy the bottom of the third to take the lead. And just as a good team does, they went out and got the mercy. After Tanner’s second three run shot, Ben Carter made use of his wheels as he pushed as hard as he could down the first base line making it safely on base. Then Eric Plafchan hit a ground rule double to put the mercy run at second base and the tying run at third. It would be on Winfrey’s RBI single that Carter would score and then an RBI sacrifice by Danny Leonard to bring in the go ahead run.

It was now 11 – 10 Dodgers up on top headed into the fourth and final inning of play. Three outs away from their first victory and they could almost taste the sweetness. But just like chocolate can be, the sweetness turned bitter. Being the defending world champions, the Detroit Tigers looked deep within themselves and got some much needed support from some of their struggling players. Ian Edgar (0 – 2 at the time) hit a nice single to right field to continue the inning after a quick two outs. By extending the inning, the Tigers went on a quick tear when Blake Jackson stepped up to the plate and said “Goodbye!”. Boom! It soared out of the park to the crowd’s cheer. The Tigers had miraculously pulled off another comeback going up 14 – 10 to end the inning.

But now, the nail biting began as the Dodgers came to the plate knowing that a mercy would win the ball game. Just as we all expected, the Dodgers clawed their way back into it. Mike “Mojo” Carson led off the inning with a solid single to the outfield. However, things soon went sour when the next two batters were called out. With two outs, Dodgers players stepped up big time nailing the ball into the outfield and providing several runs, each one inching them closer to a tie and eventual win.

With two runs in and the game at 14 – 13, Travis Weinrauch stepped to the plate determined to crush the ball. Unfortunately for him and his team, he would get a little under the ball popping it up to 2nd base, where Austen Wilcox would snipe the ball out of the air for the final out of the game.

Don’t forget to check out the video below…

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