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The City of Southfield is home to Michigan's FIRST baseball field for children with any physical or cognitive disability, offering the true Major League experience. Easterseals Miracle League of Michigan is making dreams come true for some very special kids - Michigan's First, and Still the Best, Adaptive Baseball Field - est. 2004

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A letter from The Miracle League of Michigan Founder & Director, Steve Peck
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Miracle League of Michigan Director, Steve Peck with his nurse Amber.

Our Halloween party this year was fantastic and marks the final game-day of our 10th anniversary season.  (This is the time of year I go into withdrawal from not seeing our families weekly and go into planning for the New Year.)

Years have seemed like minutes and I’m thrilled that our league has grown into such an amazing community of close to 400 children and adults.  To me, it’s more like a family.  I can’t begin to express how much I care about each and every family and child we serve.

Our league is a safe place where family and friends come to cheer on our All-Stars.  We meet other amazing children and families and relate to one another on a level few others understand.  We provide love, caring and support for our family of friends.

When the league began I knew the kids would love it, but never envisioned what it would mean to their parents and the buddies gracious enough to volunteer their time to help our kids play.  I get it now.  People have been kind and offered me credit for building this league and I appreciate that.  But truth be told, and I have always said, it was a power much greater than me that brought all of the pieces together to build this league.  Call that power whatever you want.   I had the faith that this league would be provided for, and it has.

I am grateful for all of the founding partners that bought into this idea and provided the funds and resources to build this field at a faster pace than any other league in the country.  (Our field was built in 6-months.  The average time to raise funds and build a field like ours is 3 – 10 years.)  Tony FIlippis, Walmart/Sam’s Club and Pepsi were our founding partners.  There were many others that pitched in as well.

valium jet lagI am blessed to have had some incredible volunteers that helped make this league what it is today.  Andy, Patty, Jake, Susan and Rachel have all left their mark on our league and we are grateful for the times they served.  As we look towards our new decade, we have a team that bats 1,000 pct. in caring and compassion and has a skill-set second to none.  Susie, Andrew, Ryan, Vic, Sue, Audrey & Olivia are our future and some of the nicest people I have ever met.  They helped make our 10th anniversary year the most special ever and I’m excited to have them return for our 2014 season.

Our merger with Easter Seals has ensured that this most wonderful league will live long after I am gone.  We are still the same small group that built the league but with the backbone and support of one of the most respected non-profits in the country.  Brent Wirth, President of Easter Seals Michigan, and I are looking at ways to grow even more opportunities for our families.  If you think we’ve done a lot over the past ten years just wait and see what’s coming next.

Our bowling season in January marks the beginning of our next 10-years.  If you haven’t bowled with us in the past, this is something you should really consider.  The league always sells out fast as we only have space for 70-bowlers.  Registration is now online at carisoprodol toxicity.

In closing, it has been my privilege to serve our families. If you ever have any questions, comments,  or suggestions, feel free to write me at carisoprodol schedule iv florida.  I can’t wait to see you.  If it’s not until next summer, have a wonderful holiday season.  I wish you and your family the best always.


Steve Peck

Founder & Director, The Miracle League of Michigan

An Easter Seals Michigan program

Email: Steve@MichiganMiracle.org

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