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The City of Southfield is home to Michigan's FIRST baseball field for children with any physical or cognitive disability, offering the true Major League experience. Easterseals Miracle League of Michigan is making dreams come true for some very special kids - Michigan's First, and Still the Best, Adaptive Baseball Field - est. 2004

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Final Score: Mariners 12, White Sox 11

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Miracle League game recaps. I’m going to keep it short and sweet as the videos do such an excellent job of highlighting these amazing athletes, but wanted to briefly mention how lucky fans were that were in attendance today. Not only were we able to hear a beautifully sung National Anthem, but were also treated to a “halftime” show that included dances by some of our players to “La Macarena” and the “Cha Cha Dance”. Brent gets down and boogies so well!

And once again, this game was a nail biter that came all the way down to the final out. It unfortunately ended in a strike out, but both of these teams played their hearts out. There was some excellent defense as well as some home runs that soared out of the park. Devin Morrison made an excellent infield fly catch on a ball that seemed to hang in the air forever. Kaelin Finer continued to play some excellent third base. Brett Hall and Jacob Horton continued their hitting by consistently blasting the ball at every opportunity. If you want to see more awesome highlights, check out the game recap. There are plenty of players, I didn’t mention that deserve just as much praise. Enjoy the video and pass it on!

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